Siena Round Rock Development Update

Condos in Siena? When will the playground in Siena’s north section be completed? What about the 2nd pool?

Siena DevelopmentCondos in Siena?

Yes, there will be a condo regime in the Siena Round Rock neighborhood. The site at the corner of CR 110 and Mozart (see picture) is currently being prepared for condos and can be referred to as “patio homes.” The walled community will have unattached homes that look very similar to the homes currently in Siena but will be smaller and on smaller lots. This regime will have their own separate HOA but will also contribute to the general Siena HOA. Scott Felder Homes, Brohn and Gehan will all be building homes in this unique section.

When will the playground in Siena’s north section be completed?

Unfortunately, we still do not have an answer to that question. What we do know is that the playground has not yet passed the necessary inspections so we recommend avoiding this playground until its safety can be established.

What about the 2nd pool?

If you have been to Siena’s pool on a weekend, you probably fully understand the need for a second pool in Siena. The latest information we have from the developer is that the construction on the second pool in Siena should start in a few weeks and that is should be open for the next pool season in 2018.

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By your Siena Round Rock Neighborhood REALTOR, Kyle Pfaffe


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  1. They are called patio homes. Many other developments include patio homes. Smaller home with smaller lot.


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