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Siena Multi Family Update

As you drive home each afternoon or evening, you probably see new work being starts on the East side of CR 110. I have received numerous calls from curious and concerned neighbors about the construction going on and hope I can inform and answer your questions. For questions I don’t answer here, shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to help.

Siena’s original master plan and land was approved by Round Rock and Williamson County in the MUD 1 & 2 consent agreement about 15 years ago and spelled out details like lot width, number of lots, number of multi-family (MF) lots, commercial space, etc. The original master plan included 5 separate MF tracts, the first two of which were developed as patio homes on the north and south sides of the Mozart St exit. Each of these sections included private streets, something that the county has not approved the developer to implement any more. As a result, the remaining tracts designated as MF will be higher density (that means more people, smaller units) housing than the patio home sections.

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SIENA SOUTH is a 68.79 acre tract on CR 110 just south of Sardina Drive (see map). This property is designated to hold approximately 1200 MF apartments/townhouses but that is certainly subject to change. The tract should also contain a 1.5 acre convenience store site.

SIENA 29 is a 22 acre tract on CR 110 just north of the water tower behind the convenience store and shopping center with Donut Empire (see map). The property at SIENA 29 should hold 308 MF apartment/townhome units – likley apartments for this tract.

Lastly, SIENA 30 is a 16 acre tract on CR 110 at the north edge of Siena, just past the Toscana Trace entrance. This tract is designated to hold about 94 MF apartment/townhome units and it is currently being developed into lower density townhomes.

It is important to note that none of these properties or communities will actually be part of Siena or have access to our community’s  amenities. They will be self-contained entities and have separates entrances and exits from the Siena community.

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The most pressing follow up question I’m sure you wanting an answer to is how does this affect Siena and how does this affect your property values. As for the first question, I think this is part of the natural cycle of development going on around Siena. Certainly we all knew that some developments like this would come though we didn’t know when or where. Many bought homes in Siena because of the potential of a community like this – we saw the growth coming, that the City of Round Rock was less affordable and wanted a home that would appreciate in value. I believe that overall these investments substantiate and sustain our investments. Certainly a developer wouldn’t invest the millions it takes for a MF community unless they believed in the long-term growth of the area. Also, diversification of an area bring a level of stability – appreciation it seen across property types and each party has in interest in growing the community. Maybe this is too speculative, but I believe it to be true. It’s one of the reasons I live here with you.

The second question is a little more personal for some people. If your property is bordering any of these future projects, this is a big deal to you. I received the same sorts of questions from the people who backed up to the new school that was constructed in Siena. These construction projects could have an impact on your value when you are looking to sell. Try to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes – what consideration would you give to a home that backs up to a MF project? It’s almost impossible to put a number of the impact this could have on your homes value – it’s probably pretty negligible but certainly real. It will vary on a case by case basis and it’s probably better that we sit down to talk about your specific situation. You can reach me here to set that up.

If you would like more information, here are a few documents that you might be interested in…Siena Plat Map. Siena MF Units. Siena MF State Plan. Siena South Plat.

I hope this information has been helpful for you. I live here and I work here – I certainly want what is best for my community and my neighbors. If you have any questions, concerns or need help, please let me know.

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  1. Linda Charlesworth · · Reply

    We purchased a home on Verona Place a year ago. We face the backside of 110 storage.
    Will apartment units be right behind us. How tall will they be? The thoughts of sitting out back of my home and facing a tall blog and no sky is not appealing to us. We were never told when we purchased the house of the proposed development. Guess the sale was the upmost importance.

    1. I’m sorry you weren’t informed of this possibility. I’m not sure of the size of the units but I would expect them to be 2 or 3 stories. Let’s hope they don’t build them right up against the fence line!

      1. Not sure what your background is but believe another dwelling has to be certain amount of feet from an existing property line. Please correct me if I am incorrect. If we are not happy with the new construction I am sure we could sell our homes with no problem.

      2. Yes, there are certain regulations in place about that – we call them set back lines. Hopefully these set back lines will give you and your home enough privacy! If not, like you said, I’m sure you could sell with no problem. Hope that helps!

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