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Siena is a great community to live in! The Siena HOA helps to promote a healthy community, assist residents and maintain neighborhood standards – a BIG job! People contact me all of the time looking for more information about our community and the HOA. I worked with the HOA management company and board members to put to together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to hopefully provide answers to curious minds without having to contact the management company directly.

If you have any suggestions for FAQs to be added or information that you think would be helpful to include, please fill out the form at the bottom!

How do I get a pool key? 

All residents can request a pool access card filling out a Pool Waiver Form and turning it in to PS Property Management. Once the signed waiver is received a pool access card will be mailed to you. Email with any additional questions.

What are the rules for Siena’s pool areas?

Here is a link to the Siena Pool Rules.

How much are HOA dues?

Siena HOA dues are $75.00 per quarter – $300 for the year.

How much are the Siena HOA Tranfer Fees?

The Siena HOA documents and resale certificate cost $325.00 when ordered. The Transfer Fee for Siena HOA is $175.00. To obtain a Resale Certificate or Statement of Account, please visit

Why are the Resale Certificate Fees so high?

Unfortunately, the Siena HOA Board has no control of the cost charged for resale certificates. All of the money goes to the management company and the fees are allowed/regulated by the state. The board has aggressively negotiated them below the maximum allowed amount.

Why haven’t I received a pool key yet?

Have you sent in your pool waiver? If not, see above. If yes, your key should be mailed within 1-3 business days. Email if you do not receive it.

Why can’t I get access to

2 most common reasons:

  1. We do not have an account for your address yet
  2. The person requesting access to is not on the account.  Access can only be given to the owner of the property.
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How do I apply for approval from the Architectural Control Committee for structures or construction on my property?

Additions, modifications, and changes to the exterior of your home and property require review and approval by the Architectural Reviewer/Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to the work being done or addition being installed.

Common projects include: Shed installation, changes in landscaping, fence replacement or extension, swimming pool installation, solar panels, and patio or deck installation.

TO SUBMIT A PLAN TO THE ACC FOR REVIEW: Login to your homeowner portal at and complete the ARC Request.

Remember!   Be sure to include the details of your project request, including but not limited to:

  • Survey plat showing the proposed location of your project
  • Dimensions and Elevations
  • Description of Materials to be Used
  • Color information (if applicable – brand and color name or number)

If you have questions, please contact Management at

What are common projects approved by the ACC committee?

Common projects include: Shed installation, changes in landscaping, fence replacement or extension, swimming pool installation, solar panels, and patio or deck installation.

What changes/additions to my property/home can I make without approval?

All changes/additions to the exterior of the home or property (front and back) must first gain approval from the ACC Committee.  Like-for-like exchanges are the only things that do not need prior approval.  Like-for-like means the exchange will not change the appearance, it is just replacing the same thing with the same thing.  For example, replacing a roof with the same type and color of roof does not require prior ACC approval. However if a like-for-like project is going to be happening, please let us know ahead of time so we can make a note in your account and so you do not receive compliance notices for work debris.

What plants are pre-approved? 

Nothing is pre-approved, but there is a guidebook of generally approved plants found at

How do I make a payment? 

Payments can be made online at

Where are the pools located?

South Pool: 5844 Othello Pl, Round Rock, TX 78665. North Pool: 5826 Carrara Pass, Round Rock, TX 78665

What is the pool code?

There is no code, you need your pool key card to access the pavilion and pool at both locations.  The same key card is used at both pool locations as well.

What are the pool hours?

Pool Hours are currently 6am-10pm, Monday through Sunday. The North Pool is closed Tuesdays for Deep Cleaning. The South Pool is closed Mondays for Deep Cleaning

Can I reserve a pavilion for birthday parties or other events?

Yes! An online Reservation Calendar and Form is available so the pavilion can be reserved for birthday parties and other events. The rental fee is $30 for 4-hour rental.  Please note that reserving the pavilion area does not grant exclusive use of the pool or other park-related amenities.  To book your reservation, click on Pavilion Reservations and select an option to reserve your spot.

Can I have my trailer/RV/Boat at my house? 

No.  If you need to have it for a short time to clean, load, unload, etc. you

UPDATED 5/11/2022

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