Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Avoid the risk of owning two homes or none!

Homeowners may find themselves in a predicament when they decide to move from one home to another. If you buy before selling, you could own two homes. Or, if you sell first, you could end up homeless! This is a Real Estate Catch 22, and for thousands of homeowners, it is an extremely stressful position they find themselves in. This financial and emotional tightrope is one you usually have to walk alone because most agents have guaranteed-home-sale-graphic-1no way of helping you with this dilemma. Fortunately my GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM is designed to help you avoid this dilemma. The program guarantees that you will sell your home in less than 90 days for top dollar or we will buy it from you!*

Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

Before you hire any professional, you should research the market to find out who can do the best job for you. I can offer you this innovative, effective, and proven way to avoid this costly home seller dilemma!

How the Seller Benefits

The dilemma of whether to sell first or buy first is eliminated by removing the stress of owning two homes or none at all. This is a risk-free offer, because if your house sells for a price that is higher than the guaranteed price, you get the higher amount, not us. It converts ready, willing unable buyers into ready, willing, and able buyers. This means that more qualified people look at your home. More people means more money for you in less time!

How the Buyer Benefits

The dilemma of whether to sell first or buy first is eliminated by removing the stress of owning two homes or none at all. You can look at homes with confidence because you now know that if you find one you like, nothing is stopping you from buying it. Sellers will take your offer more seriously because they know your home is sold – guaranteed. You will not risk losing your dream home because your current home is not sold. Sellers do not need a right of refusal provision because they know you are a real buyer.

Interested in selling your home and the GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM? Contact me for all the right information.

*Restrictions Apply. See Agent for Full Details of Program

Kyle Pfaffe | Realtor® | 512-636-9707 

Search for Homes | How Much is My Home Worth?

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