What Are the School Ratings in Siena Round Rock?

How are good are the schools in the Siena Round Rock, TX neighborhood? One way to answer this question is to look at the preliminary ratings recently released by the Texas Veterans Hill ElementaryEducation Agency (TEA). The TEA will officially start using a new A-F accountability rating system in 2018, but gave us a glimpse into the system and school performance with these early results.

The new rating system has 5 domains. Each domain is given a different weight towards the final rating for each school.

  • Domain I – Student Achievement (35% – Best of I or II score)
  • Domain II – Student Progress (35% – Best of I or II score)
  • Domain III – Closing Performance Gaps (20%)
  • Domain IV – Post-Secondary Readiness (35%)
  • Domain V – Community and Student Engagement (10%)

Children of Siena, Round Rock, TX residents are zoned for Veteran’s Hill Elementary, Hutto Middle School and Hutto High School. Each one received a “MET” rating under the current STAAR rating system in August 2016. Below are the scores using the new A-F accountability rating system. It is noteworthy that Veteran’s Hill Elementary was the highest rated elementary school in all of Hutto ISD!

Siena School Ratings

If you have a question about schools in the Siena, Round Rock, TX neighborhood or anything else that I could be a resource for, please contact me and I’d be happy to help however I can.  For the full report from the TEA on all schools, not just Hutto ISD schools, click here.

By your Siena Round Rock Neighborhood REALTOR, Kyle Pfaffe

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