Siena Round Rock March Madness FINAL!

Siena March MadnessMonday night, North Carolina played Gonzaga for the National Championship and the Tar Heel came our victorious. The evening also helped to decide the ultimate winners of our Siena Round Rock neighborhood March Madness Bracket Challenge! Congrats to the top 6 contestants (see the results below) – you are our winners! Prizes will be selected in order from 1st place to 6th place. Please contact me to chose and collect your prize! Thank you to everyone who participated and better luck next year!

I wanted to say a very special thanks to each of our sponsors – each is represented by your neighbors in our Siena Round Rock neighborhood! Please support them and their business every chance you get! You can find out more information about them in the Siena Today Business Directory.  Please also check out the Siena Today Facebook page and LIKE US!


March Madness Final Results (2017)

See the full results on ESPN.

By your Siena Round Rock Neighborhood REALTOR, Kyle Pfaffe


Cityscape Property Group

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