Siena South Development Update: Multi-Family + Commercial

Siena Multi Family Update - FBAs Siena Round Rock continues to grow and near its complete residential build out, the land around our community is being developed as well. As I previously report in a February development update, there are three sections designated for multi-family developments in Siena’s master plan. In this development update, I will focus on the latest news and information for the land south of Siena Round Rock. 

As you have been driving north into Siena on CR 110 from US 79, you have probably noticed large construction equipment clearing land and performing other site work in the land to the right and east of CR 110 before you reach the Parma entrance. This project is installing the culverts, bridge and entrance to the multi-family developments in this section.

This Siena South tract is 68.79 acres and is comprised of 4 MF lots – 1 has already been sold, 2 are preparing to close and the last is under contract. Construction is currently being held up by utility installations and should commence once those are complete. According to the most recent information that I have, these pad sites will have a variety of MF types – including apartments and townhomes.


Another convenience store is also under development in the Siena area, specifically on the east side of CR 110 at the intersection with US 79, south of the bridge before Crosswalk Church.

It is important to note that none of these properties or communities will actually be part of Siena or have access to our community’s  amenities. They will be self-contained entities and have separates entrances and exits from the Siena community.

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If you would like more information, here are a few documents that you might be interested in…Siena Plat MapSiena MF UnitsSiena MF State PlanSiena South Plat.

Keep an eye out for development updates for the other areas of Siena coming out in the next week.

If you have questions about these developments or how it will affect our Siena Round Rock community, surrounding areas or your home’s value, you can reach me here and I’ll be happy to help. I live here and I work here – I certainly want what is best for my community and my neighbors.


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  1. Thanks for the update.

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