CR 110 Light and Construction Update

Siena - CR 110 and Light UpdateConstruction on CR 110 to improve traffic flow and give better access to Siena Round Rock has been ongoing for over a year now. Here is an update on the CR 110 for Siena Round Rock residents.

First things first: when is the light going to be installed at the intersection of US 79 and CR 110? Serious accidents happen there all the time – another one this weekend – and it is becoming more and more of a safety hazard and traffic bottleneck. While construction of CR 110 has been run by Williamson County, the construction on the interesection is coordinated by TxDOT as the road is a US highway. The most recent information received from TxDOT is that work order will be issued to the contractor this week and construction should begin early March. The project is expected to take 6-8 weeks to complete. I am hoping to get schematics for the interesection; as more information comes in, I will update this information.

Next, now that the new section of CR 110 is starting to open up, what is the status and next steps of the project? The construction on CR 110 is broken up into three sections – south, middle and north. The south section runs from US 79 to Limmer Loop. The middle section starts at Limmer and finishes at CR 107, just north of 1431. The north section runs from CR 107 all the way to Sam Houston Pkwy.

The current project underway in the South is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2018. The county is hoping to begin work on the middle section later in 2018, but is currently working through purchasing the right-of-ways from current landowners and this is slowing things down a bit. The north section could start construction at the same time.

Currently, there are no plans for a light to be installed at the interesection of Limmer Loop and CR 110, but that is something that will be studied as a possibility. In the future, the intersection of University (1431) and CR 110 will need to redesigned, but that project has no traction at this point.

All of the current work on CR 110 is for 3 lanes of what will eventually be a 6-lane road divided by a raised median. Construction on the remaining three lanes will be dependent on traffic studies showing the need for the extra lanes and the availability of funding for that project. Here is a schematic for the current project provided by HNTB.

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