Siena Fire Station Update

I’m sure you’ve been watching the progression of our new fire station here in Siena. We had a chance to catch up with Fire Chief Scott Kerwood to learn some details surrounding the new project along that we knew you would be interested in.

Hutto Fire Station #3 is being built with the exact same plans on Station #2 off Swindoll Ln on the east side of Hutto. The only difference is that the plan is flipped around. Station #2 was completed within budget but the timeline was delayed with weather issues. The same architect is being used for Station #3 but there is a new builder managing the commercial construction project. The project is estimated to be completed by late spring or early summer 2022. We’ll keep a close eye on the progress and provide updates as they come in.

Hutto Fire Station #3 will be named after a Hutto community icon, David “Captian Red” Oman. David Oman grew up in the area on which the new first station is now being built – undoubtably running and playing in these very fields! Captain Oman was a Hutto Fire Marshal and Fire Chief for 30 years and this honor is well deserved.

The Hutto Fire Department is staffing the new fire station but the EMS side of the building is still having things worked out. Ultimately, the Williamson County Commissioners Court will make any decisions on the EMS program and provide the funding.

Siena residents have asked me if the location of the new fire station would impact the dependability of utilities in the area. With the power and water outages our community experienced in the past year, I’m sure we are all hoping to avoid those issues moving forward. Unfortunately, the location of the fire station will not impact the utility grid. In fact, the other Hutto fire stations were running on generators during our recent outage. Hopefully our state has implemented some safeguards to avoid another utility outage like we had this winter.

If you have more questions about the fire station, our community of Siena or other real estate related questions, it would be my pleasure to help you any way I can!

By your Siena Real Estate Expert Kyle Pfaffe

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