CR 110 Construction Update for Siena Round Rock

Siena Construction UpdateConstruction for CR 110 continues to move along. In a recent update, Williamson County indicated that the right-of-way’s have all been purchased the the CR 110 construction to be eventually be completed past Chandler Rd (University BLVD), all the way to CR 105.


The current project includes three lanes of what will eventually be a 6 lane road. While the county has already purchased the right-of-ways for almost the entire CR 110 construction, they only have funding for first three lanes that are currently under construction. The county will study traffic volume to help decide when to complete the other three lanes of CR 110, but they will also need new funding for the project, likely in a new bond package. This puts the construction of that extra three lanes a little bit further down the road, no pun intended.


Williamson County is also working with TxDOT on plans for the new intersection and traffic lights where US 79 and CR 110 meet. The initial plan was to begin construction on the new intersection once most of the section from 79 to Parma was completed but Williamson County is pushing for that time-line to be moved up.


As more of CR 110 construction is completed, I expect increased ease of accessibility to Siena Round Rock to have a positive impact on property values as well as making your commute safer and less stressful.


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