Development Update: CR 110 Construction, Traffic Signals & 130 Frontage Roads

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Since the Siena Round Rock community first opened, the efforts to improve access and safety on our community roads has been ongoing. The completion of the CR 110 “South” project with the traffic light at US 79 was a huge improvement. Topics in this development update include further construction on CR 110, traffic lights at CR 110 & Limmer Loop, CR 112 expansion and a frontage road on 130 from Limmer Loop to US 79.

The current construction of three lanes of CR 110 from Limmer Loop to Chandler Rd (University BLVD) known as “CR 110 Middle Project” is underway. The project will convert the current two lane road into a three lane road identical to the work completed from US 79 to Limmer Loop. Construction on this project should be complete in July/August 2020. Around the same time, the county will also be adding left-hand turn lanes to the Chandler Rd at the intersection with CR 110 to improve traffic flow.

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One of the most common questions I receive is about traffic signals at the intersection of CR 110 and Red Bud/Limmer Loop. The traffic study has already been completed and traffic signals were approved. The county has ordered the traffic signals but it will be about 4-5 months before those are installed as there is a current steel supply and manufacturing shortage for poles and mast arms.

The county court is working through the next road bond proposal to go on the next voter ballot and it looks like one project to be likely be included will be an expansion of CR 112 from two to three lanes (like the expansion on CR 110) from CR 112 to AW Grimes.

Another project to likely be in that bond package is the addition of southbound and northbound frontage roads alongside 130 between US 79 and Limmer Loop. A traffic study for the southbound project was already completed but engineering work and environmental studies are currently on hold. This project is known as “SH 130 Frontage Roads Phase 3“. The county expects this complete project to be on the next bond.

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