$800 Million Development Update Impacting Siena Residents

Perfect Game Update

The Perfect Game complex in Hutto can have a huge affect on development in the Siena area, impacting home values, property taxes, future business development and more. Since Perfect Game selected land in Hutto near US 79 and CR 132 as it’s new location, a lot has happened that Siena owners should be aware of. Before addressing recent news, how will Perfect Game affect Siena residents?

First of all, the project will bring $800 in new private investment in Hutto. It is the largest economic development deal in the history of Hutto! The location for Perfect Game is what will be a mixed-use project that will include 24 turf baseball fields, a 61,600-square-foot headquarters, Hall of Fame facility, batting cage pavilion, training facility and also a hotel and convention center, restaurant and other new businesses. The construction and new businesses will bring jobs and other income to the Hutto area!

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Not only will the project bring economic development to the area, it should also have a huge impact on revenue in the area. Projections show that the project will infuse about $200 million in direct spending on local businesses. To put that in perspective, Hutto currently sees about $30 million on annual revenue. According the CEO of Perfect Game, “You will become and you will be the No. 1 scouting destination in America.” One can only imagine how Hutto can and will change with all of the construction, new jobs and money flowing into the city!

Property taxes are a topic very important to most Siena residents I talk with. Besides paying for MUD taxes, the Hutto ISD tax rate is one of the very highest in the area. I anticipate that the expanding tax base through these new developments and the increasing property tax revenue will ease the burden on current Hutto ISD residents and lower the tax rate.

Now that the potential impact of Perfect Game on Hutto is clear, Siena residents should be aware of recent events and timelines related to the project.

  • July 26th Hutto severs ties with the developer, Wolverine Interests LLC
  • August 26th Wolverine sues the City of Hutto for damages
  • August 30th Perfect Game, SFA|SFM, and the City of Hutto issue a joint statement of lost confidence in Wolverine Interests
  • September 12th the City of Hutto is to bring a new developer to the city council

Future Timeline

  • October 1st Civil engineering to begin site construction
  • April 1, 2020 Baseball field and parking construction begins
  • May 1, 2020 Indoor sports and civic center construction begins
  • June 1, 2020 Hotel construction begins
  • March 1, 2021 Soft opening for baseball fields and parking
  • May 15, 2021 Indoor facility and civic center construction completed
  • May 29, 2021 Perfect Game official opening day tournament

All in all, Siena residents are in a position to reap great benefits from the Perfect Game development. As your neighbor, I am committed to keeping you informed of news and developments that impact our community. If you have questions or need help, “Contact Me” here or call/text me at 512-636-9707.

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