Traffic Light Update for CR 110 & Limmer Loop

Siena Traffic SignalEach week it seems like there is another dangerous vehicle collision at the intersection of CR 110 and Limmer Loop and last week was no different. In our June construction update, we shared the plans for the traffic lights an reasons for delay. The last schedule estimate had the project being started in 4-5 months.

I reached out to our local county commissioner of Precinct Four, Russ Boles, and his team gave me the very latest. Commissioner Boles is very concerned about this intersection and shared the most recent update from the project manager, HNTB.

The signal poles for Limmer at CR 110 are scheduled to be delivered on 9/27/19. ATS, the signal subcontractor, says that they can get everything installed and running by 10/18/19. They are checking on the power application this week, to make sure that it is taken care of prior to delivery of the poles. While projects like this can be impacted by weather and other delays, it seems like the completion of the intersection should be right around the corner.

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