NEW Development Update – Traffic Signals for CR 110, CR 112 & CR 122 Construction

The community of Siena is anxiously awaiting the installation of the traffic signals at CR 110 and Limmer Loop. In our last update (which you can read here), we learned that the poles should have been delivered an installed by the middle of October. Well, here we are into November and this project has not moved forward much.

According to the Precint 4 County Commissioners office, the signal poles are still delayed due to steel shortages and there is no update as to when they should actually arrive. While waiting for the poles, the project manager, HNTB, has been working on the reinforced steel and concrete foundations at the north and south sides of the intersection. These are mostly completed. With the electric and foundation work done, hopefully the project will be completed promptly after the poles arrive. I will let you know as soon as I have more information from the commissioner’s office.

I also learned more information about two other projects that are in the works and that will affect Siena residents. The first project is CR 112 which connects CR 110 with AW Grimes and runs along the north side of Paloma Lake. This road will be converted to a 4 lane road – and eventually 6 lanes – similar to the setup we have on CR 110. This project will be completed in two phases. The road from AW Grimes to the West side of the Paloma Lake community will be completed first and then the portion continuing to CR 110 will be completed. The project should start in the next two years.

CR 112 and CR 122.pngThe second project I have an update on is on CR 122. This is the road that runs from Siena, south of Limmer Loop and north of the Mozart intersection, to near where Red Bud and Old Settlers Blvd intersect. This two lane road will have one lane on each side added to make a four lane road. This project should also start in about two year.

As your neighbor, I am committed to keeping you informed of news and developments that impact our community. If you have questions or need help, “Contact Me” here or call/text me at 512-636-9707.

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