Siena North Development Update: Multi-Family + Commercial

In this Siena Round Rock development update, I have information for you on the areas around Siena North – north of Limmer Loop. In case you missed the development update for Siena South, you can read that here

The multi-family tract at SIENA 29 has been sold and should start development in the near future. This is the 22 acre tract on CR 110 just north of the water tower behind the convenience store and shopping center with Donut Empire. SIENA 29 has room for about 300 units but the final number will be determined by the actual property developer. 

Just north of the Siena entrance at Toscana Trace off CR 110 is a tract called SIENA 30. It is 16 acre plot that is designed to have around 90 units. The information I have is that these will be more similar to houses than apartments. Certainly anything can change as properties are being developed and I will keep a close eye on this for our community. 

More development is happening beyond the border of our Siena community. Just north of Siena on the east side of CR 110 and stretching to University BLVD, KB Homes is developing single-family home development. This community sits on 356 acres and should have about 1200 homes. 

Of the north side of University, Scott Felder will be developing a community to be known as “University Heights.” This property will be single-family and duplexes and will likely include other builders with Scott Felder. 

It is important to note that none of these properties or communities will actually be part of Siena or have access to our community’s  amenities. They will be self-contained entities and have separates entrances and exits from the Siena community.

If you would like more information, here are a few documents that you might be interested in…Siena Plat MapSiena MF UnitsSiena MF State PlanSiena South Plat.

If you have questions about these developments or how it will affect our Siena Round Rock community, surrounding areas or your home’s value, you can reach me here and I’ll be happy to help. I live here and I work here – I certainly want what is best for my community and my neighbors.

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