Salerno Community Development Update

While development inside of Siena Round Rock is coming to a close, the development around our community certainly is not. Multi-family and commercial developments are in full swing and the Old Settlers extension project is moving through the planning phase.

Another project bordering Siena Round Rock is the new residential community of Salerno. Salerno is a new home community being developed by KB Homes on the East side of CR 110, just north of Siena’s northernmost homes. The community will likely have a limited HOA with modest amenities and right now the plan is to have the current farmhouse function as some sort of community clubhouse to maintain the character of the land the community is being built on. Like Siena, homes should have a Round Rock address and feed into Hutto ISD. See layout below…

The product built by KB Homes in Salerno will be similar to what we have in Siena right now with approximately 1200 homes on 55′ and 45′ lots. This project should open sometime this summer, perhaps in June, and I anticipate pricing to start in the $300,000’s.

If you are interested in owning or investing in properties in Salerno, sign up below to join my list of interested parties and I will follow up with you individually to make sure you have the very latest news.

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  1. Hello! Any idea what is happening with the group of land on Hyview and limmer loop bought by 5000 Limmer Loop Investments?

    1. Hi Katelyn,
      I do not but I’m happy to research it for you. I’ll let you know. Please fill out the contact form so I know the best way to reach you with the updated information. Thanks!

      1. That would be great! Thank you

  2. Nicole Patteson · · Reply

    What’s going to be off between county road and Corsica loop, apartments is to be rumored, would love a mock up for this or how tall the building will stand etc.

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